Aesthete Sun-worshipper ◌ Curator of Jewish experiences

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photo credit: Jackson Krule

I was born and raised in Milan, Italy and studied Torah in Jerusalem,  New York and London.

I hold a BA in Hebrew and Jewish Studies from the University of London, an MA in Education and Psychology from the Institute of Education, London and Semikha (rabbinic ordination) from Yeshivat Maharat in New York. 

I have recently been appointed Director of Recruitment and Admissions for Yeshivat Maharat. 

Orthodox feminism:

My journey as an Orthodox feminist began in Jerusalem, at the 2003 Kolech Conference.

In 2013, I launched JOFA UK as a platform to engage in communal discussions around religion and gender, which has become a catalyst for both grassroots and institutional change.  As mother to four sons I am concerned about their exposure to gender stereotyping in the media and I am keen to counter this by enabling them to see society through women’s eyes. I believe that just like we need more women in STEM, we need more women in religious leadership…

Rabbinic Ordination:

My decision to study for semikhah at Yeshivat Maharat was motivated by the need in the British Jewish community for an Orthodox female rabbi role model.

As part of my training I served as Scholar in Residence at Hampstead Synagogue in London and as Rabbinic Intern at Congregation Netivot Shalom in Teaneck, New Jersey.  

I honed my entrepreneurial skills through Hillel’s OOI Fellowship for Rabbinic Entrepreneurs. 

Stuff that gives me purpose:

I co-founded Mishkan pop-up community, bringing together Jewish ‘seekers’ of all affiliations and none, for rich learning and deep spiritual experiences. 

I produced #YourTorah podcast, a journey through the 63 tractates of the Mishnah in 18 minute episodes,  taught entirely by women. I recently launched PrayerFull: the guided prayer podcast. 

I lecture, write and broadcasts to wide and diverse audiences. 

Fun Facts:

I have been listed in The Jewish Chronicle Power 100 List of individuals who are most influential in shaping the UK Jewish community, and featured in  ‘10 Women, 10 Decades’ a short film produced by Chocolate Films. 

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