jofauk_byZazasDesigns2I was born and raised in Milan, Italy and studied in Jerusalem and New York.My undergraduate degree is in Hebrew and Jewish Studies and I also have an MA in Education and Psychology. I lecture, write and occasionally broadcast to wide and diverse audiences. For fifteen years I worked alongside my husband, a congregational rabbi, running education programs and leading strategic community development. I am also the first woman to address a British Orthodox congregation at Kol Nidre.

My interest and passion in Orthodox feminism was seeded at the 2003 Kolech conference in Jerusalem and nurtured through JOFA (Jewish Orthodox feminist Alliance) conferences and events. I served as JOFA’s first UK Ambassador and I have recently founded JOFA UK. In this role I have initiated a feminist movement within Orthodox Judaism, organised conferences and engaged the community in discussions around religion and gender.

One of my goals is to try and narrow the gap between the high number of women occupying influential leadership positions in the secular, compared to the limited opportunities in religious worlds. I intend on doing this by shaping public discourse around this important issue, developing effective tools to positively change this reality through education and role modelling. This is the reason I enrolled in a four year orthodox semikha (rabbinic ordination) course at Yeshivat Maharat in NY.

I have been selected to take part in Gamechangers, Lead’s innovative Senior Lay Leaders’ Programme for the Jewish Community. The Jewish Chronicle recently listed me in its Power 100 List of Individuals who are most influential in shaping the UK Jewish community.


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