With our new podcast you can pray in your own time and place, The Jewish Chronicle, January 2021

Moving Beyond Hate, Sh’ma Now, A Journal of Jewish Sensibilities, February 2019

The Nature of Sanctified Time, Keren Journal III, Fall 2018

Is sacred time an objective reality or is it the result of our subjective experience? The rationalist Maimonides and the mystical Zohar hold opposing views. Exploring these two approaches contributes to our understanding and experience of Shabbat.

What’s the difference between the mitzvot of succah and lulav? The Jewish Chronicle, September 2018

Hanukkah: A Lesson in Fixed Spontaneity, Shema Bekolah, December 2017

Bringing the Sefat Emet in conversation with William James on the nature of sacred experience.

On the Utility of Ambiguity , Yeshivat Maharat Shavuot Supplement, June 2016

Drawing inspiration from art, hasidut and philosophy to shed light on intriguing talmudic vignettes.

Community Futures: Tradition vs Innovation, JPR June 2015

Exploring the tension between tradition and innovation in contemporary Jewish life.

Women in Jewish Law, The Jewish Year Book 2015

What factors influence halachic decision about women’s roles?

Women and Chanukah Lights

An analysis of women’s obligation to light the Chanukah Menorah

My Articles about Orthodox Feminism 

Inviting women on board the Jewish journey, Jewish News, November 2016

Religion must either modernise or face obsolescence, The Sydney Herald, August 2016

JOFA UK: Where are we now?

Belda’s Gift (Times of Israel, May 2016)

Matzah as Modest Food, (Jewish News, April 2016)

Orthodox Jewish boys must see women for all that we are – anything else is unhealthy, (The Telegraph, February 2016)

The False Reasoning Behind the Hasidic Ban on Women Driving (The Sisterhood, June 2015)

Real orthodox Jewish men don’t ban women from driving ( The Telegraph, May 2015)

Feminism is a Jewish Value (Jewish News, June 2014)

What Women need to stay Orthodox (JC, April 2014)

Orthodox Judaism Ignores its Women at its Peril (The Telegraph, Dec 2013)

A Tale of Two Services (JC, June 2013)

Ritual Focus Risks Losing the Big Picture (JC, Feb 2013)

Wanted Educators not Wives (JC, Jan 2013)

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