In the Media

From Rebbetzin to Maharat: An Interview

The Orthodox Feminist Revolution Has Finally Arrived – in London, (The Sisterhood, June 2016)

Dina Brawer’s ‘Get’ Call (Jewish News, March 2016)

London Rabbi to Provide Pop-Up Cheer for the Homeless (Jewish News, March 2016)

Women in Orthodox Judaism- from Seminary to Semikha (Jewish News, March 2016)

Popping-up in Belsize Park ( JC, February 2016)

Are Pop-up Minyans the Answers to our Prayers? (JC, February 2016)

Could this woman lead a revolution in British Jewry? (JC 29 October 2015)

US Shul Gives Scholar Post to Woman (JC 17 September 2015)

Feminists don’t burn bras, but demand Torah (South African Jewish Report, August 2015)

Next Generation Radicals (cover feature Jewish Renaissance Magazine, April 2015)

Interview with The Times (The Times Jan 2015)

Coverage of my Limmud session on Orthodox feminism (JC Dec 2014)PG 1 COVER-page-001 (1) (1)

Feminist group founder training to be a Rabbi ( JC Dec 2014)

Dina talks about Feminism at UJS Summit (Jewish News
Dec 2014)

Dina Brawer 55: JC Power 100 (JC Aug 2014)

Women’s Equality? We’re already there (JC May 2013)

Video of JOFA UK inaugural Conference (June 2013)

Inaugural UK Conference of Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JC June 2013)

JOFA to Launch in the UK (JC Dec 2012)


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